Our Pledge

The Right Bike For YOU

Every Person Deserves a Bicycle That Fits Their Needs and Activity Level

We at Bicycle South want the bicycle you buy from us to be the right bike for the kind of riding you want to do. Every person deserves a bicycle that fits their needs and activity level. Our friendly salespeople will ask you questions about where you want to ride, how often and who with.

Also, knowing your budget and having realistic expectations about how much money you can spend, is as important as having reasonable expectations as to the kind of cycling you want to do.

At Bicycle South, all kinds of cycling and cyclists are of equal importance to us! We love beginners of all ages. If you don't know a brake cable from a headset spacer - or what kind of bike might be right for you, we are happy to help.

If you are an experienced cyclist getting back into cycling after a hiatus, or just want to find the right new bike for you, let us show you what's out there and help you pick the right bike for your needs.

We feel strongly about test rides on bikes set up to fit you right. We want you to get a chance to ride the bikes you are interested in and if you are having trouble deciding which bike, remember our No Risk Promise.

We truly do want to you to love your bicycle at Bicycle South.

Our No Risk Promise

No Risk?

It's simple. At Bicycle South we really do want you to love your bicycle. We guarantee it.

Our Risk-Free Promise: If for any reason you don't LOVE your purchase, please bring it back within 30 days. We will re-fit it, adjust it, exchange it, exchange certain components or, if all else fails, as long as it is in resonable condition, give you your money back.

As a member of The Bicycle Cooperative, Bicycle South believes in the inherent goodness of independent bike stores, large and small, as a positive influence in society. We believe that riding bikes is good for people's health, great for the environment, and that people who ride bikes are ultimately more connected to their communities.

We want to see our clients out riding a bike they love! 

Fit Essentials

The Correct Fit - Let Us Help You With Fit Essentials

At Bicycle South we fit every rider, to every bike we sell. Bicycles come in almost as many sizes and set ups as there are sizes of shoes. And we all know just how painful the wrong size or fit of shoe can be. Let the fit specialists here at Bicycle South fit you correctly, we guarantee you'll love your bicycle!

Even if your bike is not so new, sometimes bike fitting can uncover issues that affect comfort and efficiency in all cyclists. Bring your bike by, a quick fitting and some simple adjustments may make riding fun again!

Bicycle South uses a fit system designed specifically for modern bicycle fitting. The Body Scanning Laser measurement system allows us to fit all kinds of riders on many different types of bicycles, from comfort orientated hybrid bikes, to mountain bikes and performance road bikes as well. Developed in Germany, Body Scanning guarantees a proper fit for cyclists of all ages and abilities and takes the guesswork out of bicycle fitting. Body Scanning CRM is fast, easy and completely non-invasive. Check our Fit Page for more information.