Photo Gallery

Some Photos of the store through the years, etc. Enjoy!

Riders gather for a Sunday morning Bicycle South ride to Stone Mountain.

One final photo, a big smile, and the group will be heading out.

Shop owner Fred B with daughter Hannah and wife Jane (in red helmet) enjoy some of the after ride refreshments with some happy riders.



Bicycle South, Decatur Ga Storefront 1974

The orginal location across the street- circa 1974! The big bike is still with us - painted school bus yellow and hanging off the roof..

Bicycle South, Decatur Ga Storefront 1980

Not too long (1980?) after we moved across the street to our present location. The big bike is still red and we haven't done anything else to the storefront.

Bicycle South, Decatur Ga Storefront 1984

Storefront circa 1984. Big bike is now school bus yellow and we've added some other touches

Bicycle South, Decatur Ga Service Area 1979

Old location (1978?)- main repair area with framebuilder Jim Bradford & a tandem in the stand. Notice the classic poster of Janice?

Bicycle South, Decatur Ga Frame Shop 1984

Jim Bradford's frame shop (1984?) in the back of the store. Fred brazed the "tiddly-bits" (cable stops, water bottle mounts, etc.) and did the painting too.



Bicycle South, Decatur Ga Store Dispaly 1984

Wool jerseys for sale & two counters full of Campy parts - 1984