Tour of the Service Department

Welcome to Bicycle South's Sevice Department. The first photo is from the client's view - looking at Chris tagging parts for your bicycle while Kenny returns a phone call. Below is a shot of Chris logging in the client information, schedule, and parts for this repair. Every bike is checked in at this station, needed work is discussed with the client, an estimate is given and the bicycle is scheduled for service. All estimates are free and all service is guaranteed.

This part of the service area is rarely visited by clients, although they are encouraged to watch through the long window over the workbench. We're looking at Kenny's station on the left ("the Red Bench") and Chris' station on the right ("the Blue Bench").


Here's Kenneth at "the Yellow Bench" taking care of bicycle assemblies and some routine service. He knows what needs to be done. On the right is our Wall of Tools - just a glimpse of all the speciality tools a first-rate bicycle store uses to keep its clients' bicycles in fine running form!

Thanks for taking the tour and we'll be happy to take care of all your cycling needs.